Level 1 B-BBEE / Certified: ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 9001
Technical Bulletins

UV Stabilisation Rev1

There is much uncertainty surrounding UV Stabilisation. Very few specifications are explicit enough. No product offers 100% UV resistance. There will always be some degradation. This can range from a loss of surface gloss to cracking of the polymer. To help customers choose a product, which is fit for purpose, we offer the following information. The “full” UV Protection means it matches the life expectancy of the cable.

Voltage Range Product Range Standard Comments
Outer Material UV Protection
Low Voltage Bell –control
range of
PVC,LH Full Sheathing as per spec requirements –  SANS 1507
Mains, FTE, Housewire, Protofix PVC Full  
Mains LH Full  
Bell –control, Mains NHLSFR Partial Store/install in shade
Split Concentric PE Full Red insulation is also fully UV stabilised.
ABC XLPE Full Insulation material and spec requirement – SANS 1418
Medium Voltage ABC     Spec requirements as per - SANS 1713
Paper, XLPE PVC Full  
Paper, XLPE LH Full  
Paper, XLPE PE Full  
Paper, XLPE NH Partial Store/install in shade
High Voltage Supertension PE Full