Level 1 B-BBEE / Certified: ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 9001
Technical Bulletins

Prevention of termite attack for PVC cables

Prevention of termite attack on cables has mainly been accomplished by the incorporation of suitable insecticides in the sheath of the cable. For environmental reasons, the commonly used insecticide called Lindane was abandoned and replaced by an alternate from Sorex UK under the tradename of Termitex TC10. This bulletin serves to highlight the use of Termitex TC10 in CBI-electric: african cables Termite repellent cable sheaths.

Termitex TC 10 was designed to replace the need for Poly Amide (nylon) protection against termites and is currently being used in the energy cable market. The active ingredient within the Termitex is “Cypermethrim”. This ingredient has proven to offer effective protection against the following species of Termites, namely the Coptotermes acinaciformis and the Mastotermes darwiniensis species.

For all cable sheaths (PVC or PE) requiring anti-termite protection we add Termitex TC10 at an active ingredient level of 0.15% in the form of 1.5% masterbatch.

For more information we refer you to Cigre WG 21-07 Prevention of Termite attack on HV power Cables. Electra 157 December 1994.