Level 1 B-BBEE / Certified: ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 9001


Material Safety Data Sheets Insulating Paper

Product and Company Identification

(Page 1 may be used as an emergency safety sheet)
Trade name: Insulating Paper
Chemical abstract no.: None
Chemical family:
NIOSH no.: None
Chemical name: Paper
Hazchem code: None
Synonyms: Paper
UN no.: None


Hazardous components: -
EEC classification: -

Hazards Identification

Main hazard: None
Flammability: Not flammable
Chemical hazard: None
Biological hazard: None
Reproductive hazard: None Eyes effects: eyes: None
Health effects - skin: None
Health effects – ingestion: None
Health effects – inhalation: None
Carcinogenicity: -
Mutagenicity: -

First Aid Measures

Product in eye: Not required
Product on skin: Not required
Product ingested: Not required
Product inhaled: Not required

Fire Fighting Measures

Extinguishing media: Water, Carbon dioxide, dry chemical powder or foam
Special hazards: None.
Protective clothing: None.

Accidental Release Measures

Personal Precautions: No special measures required
Environmental precautions: Not required
Decontamination Procedures: No special measures required

Handling and Storage

Handling: Caution when handling heavy rolls, no further requirements
Storage: Store in dry conditions

Exposure Controls/Personal Protection

Technical measures for exposure controls: No requirements

Physical and Chemical Properties

Appearance: Natural or black
Odour: Mild
pH: 6-8 in aqueous solution
Boiling point: N/A
Meting point: N/A
Flash point: No development of volatile and inflammable vapours till process of combustion
Flammibility: None
Autoflammibility: None
Explosive properties: None
Oxidizing properties: Not applicable
Vapour pressure: None
Density: 0.8 –1.1 g/cm3
Solubility - water: Insoluble

Stability and Reactivity

Conditions to avoid: None
Materials to avoid: None
Hazardous decomposition products: None

Toxicological Information

Acute toxicity: Non-toxic
Skin and eye contact: -
Chronic toxicity: -
Carcinogenicity: -
Mutagenicity: -
Neurotoxicity: -
Reproductive hazards: -

Ecological Information

Aquatic toxicity - fish: Unlikely to be hazardous to aquatic life
Aquatic toxicity – daphnia : Unlikely to be hazardous
Aquatic toxicity – algae : Unlikely to be hazardous
Biodegradability: Decomposes in Nature
Bio-accumulation: -
Mobility: -

Disposal Considerations

Disposal methods: Disposal should be in accordance with local, regional or national legislation.

Transport Information

Paper is not classified as dangerous for transport.

Regulatory Information

Risk phrases: None
Safety phrases: None

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