Level 1 B-BBEE / Certified: ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 9001


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Power by Innovation.. Innovation through Partnerships

What happens when three leaders in their fields combine their expertise while retaining their core values and character?  The power of three when merged into one results in a partner of formidable resources in infrastructure development that is unmatched on the African continent. That is the synergistic result of the grouping together of Reunert companies CBI, ATC and African Cables under the brand name CBI-electric, combining low voltage switchgear, telecom cables and power cables. 

Competition in the global arena requires a concentration of resources that in concert will have more influence than will individual parts. In particular, it positions the organisation to take advantage of the rapidly developing electrical and telecommunications industries. The concentrated power of three highly skilled companies into a single brand will deliver benefits for customers in the form of highly skilled crossover resources. For existing clients there is the reassurance that same people will continue delivering a superior offering.


CBI electric: african cables will be a leading Sub-Saharan Africa supplier of energy infrastructure.
We will deliver customer optimised solutions supported by a self motivated and high performance organisation.
We will foster customer focused relationships and will always place integrity at the centre of our engagement.


We provide superior power transfer solutions to Sub Saharan African customers.
We will be our customers’ supplier of choice by providing exceptional customer satisfaction underpinned by a successful financial performance.
We develop mutually beneficial alliances with our partners.
We will be an Employer of Choice supported by high performance employees.


Since 1935, African Cables, now CBI-electric: african cables, has designed and manufactured a comprehensive range of electric power cables at its Vereeniging factory. The growth of its manufacturing facility has consistently met local demand for product, while technological advancement has remained abreast of international trends. Today, the company employs over 800 people and is a leader in the South African cable industry.
The main users of the company's products and services have a wide variety of requirements and include Eskom, local municipalities, major players in the Industrial, Mining and Renewable Energy sectors and general electrical contractors.
In June of 2006 Reunert redefined the brand identity of its electrical companies under the central brand of CBI-electric.  African Cables, being one of the three subsidiaries, aligned accordingly and is now known as CBI-electric: african cables.
CBI-electric: african cables is the only cable manufacturer in Southern Africa to supply a range that meets any user requirement, irrespective of load. Included in this manufactured range are low voltage PVC/XLPE insulated cable; medium voltage XLPE; paper-insulated cable, aerial Bundled Conductor (ABC), ACSR and high voltage XLPE insulated cable.
Apart from manufacturing, there is a division within CBI-electric: african cables that specialises in the installation and maintenance of high and medium voltage cable. This division, known as CBI-electric: power installations, is presently the only cable installation company in Southern Africa to be accredited with ISO 9001 and 9EP CIDB rating.  
Placing emphasis on technological development and quality delivery, the company creates products that suit any purpose. Specialist designs, which enhance the safety aspects of cable used in mines, have been developed throughout the company's history.
This policy of technological innovation and quality delivery sets the company apart from its competitors. The quality of CBI-electric: african cables’ products is a result of the quality delivered in all divisions of the company with accreditation for ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007.
CBI-electric: african cables is committed to the South African economic environment. CBI-electric: african cables is a Level 1 B-BBEE contributor.
This market driven company strives to deliver complete customer satisfaction by creating solutions that make life easier and more productive for the end user.

CBI-electric: african cables has the expertise to supply a product range that meets any user requirement, irrespective of load. Included in this manufactured range are:

  • Low Voltage PVC/XLPE insulated cable;
  • Medium Voltage XLPE;
  • Medium Voltage paper-insulated cable,
  • Aerial Bundled Conductor (ABC);
  • Overhead Split Concentric;
  • ACSR and
  • High Voltage XLPE insulated cable.