Level 1 B-BBEE / Certified: ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 9001
POWERING INDUSTRY African Cables is a leading manufacturer of cables for mining, utilities and industry
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Over 80 years of innovation and excellence

Over 80 years of Innovation and Excellence!

Since 1935, African Cables, now CBI-electric: african cables, has designed and manufactured a comprehensive range of electric power cables at its Vereeniging factory. The growth of its manufacturing facility has consistently met local demand for product, while technological advancement has remained abreast of international trends.

Apart from manufacturing, there are two divisions within CBI-electric: african cables known as CBI-electric: power installations and Tank Industries (www.tank.co.za). Together we are able to provide a complete product offering when it comes to any cable installation, whether it is electrical power, telecommunications or fibre optics.

Placing emphasis on technological development and quality delivery, the Company creates products that suit any purpose. Specialist designs, which enhance the safety aspects of cable used in mining, utilities, industry, export and renewable energy, have been developed throughout the Company’s history

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Quality Is our keyword

CBI-electric: african cables' moral accountability, business commitment and customer satisfaction, demand a consistently high-quality standard for all products manufactured.

The quality of CBI-electric: african cables' products is a consequence of the quality delivered in all sectors of the company - including purchasing, design, operations/production, marketing, installation and service.

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CBI-Electric Power Installations

Power Installations is the forerunner, in South Africa, of installation of medium voltage and high voltage power cables. Installations take place on a turnkey basis with cable supplied from CBI-electric: African cables, accessories from local and/or international suppliers and the installation of these performed by Power Installations personnel.

High voltage installations are backed by fully type tested systems ensuring that the installation has been tested in its entirety and has proven compatibility of the cable with its associated accessories. In certain cases, customers have requested type testing of medium voltage cable circuits and these have also been easily accommodated by Power Installations. Power Installations is presently the only cable installation company in Southern Africa to be accredited with ISO 9001 and a 9EP CIDB rating and was involved and is continuing with key projects, including amongst others:

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Our range
of cables

Low Voltage PVC/XLPE insulated cable
Medium Voltage XLPE
Medium Voltage paper-insulated cable
Aerial Bundled Conductor (ABC)
Overhead Split Concentric
ACSR and High Voltage XLPE insulated cable
Closures for Copper and Optical Fibre Cables